Sebastian Block - Wo alles begann (CD) (5871768764569)

Sebastian Block - Where it all began (CD)


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The Berlin singer-songwriter Sebastian Block has been uniting the inner turmoil of the capital in his small musical works of art for almost twelve years. In poetic verses, written to catchy melodies between danceable pop and cozy acoustic sets, he moves unerringly through the bars and streets of this diverse city. With a loving look at the details and little things, the unsaid and easily overheard like a loudspeaker for the outrageous - Berlin's secret establishment. Beyond cold calculation and capitalist competition, Block's music whispers directly and honestly to the soul.
The ten new tracks are not lacking in the usual playfulness and melody that makes up Sebastian Block's work. His third album reveals a new block with a fresh perspective and new textual and musical depth. The harmonic arrangements move between synthesizer pop and classic Wurlitzer sound, upbeat and ballad, floating lightness and melancholy. From the danceable "Why don't you call me?" to spacey-spherical sounds in "Mein Wille", a weightless flight through space, to "Evelyn" with probably the most likeable beatbox in the world. Sung, breathed, panted and hissed in a duet with tomcat Gomez. The joy of working with his producer Oded K.dar can be clearly heard in the pieces and inevitably carries you away.

1. Where it all began
2. Why don't you call
3. Spade
4. No doubts
5. Everything for me
6. The night knows no colors
7. Evelyn
8. You are the answer
9. My will
10. So close