Seeds Of Agony - Morbid Reflections (CD) (5948065677465)

Seeds Of Agony - Morbid Reflections (CD)


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“The death/thrash metal band Seeds Of Agony emerged from the melodic death metal band Agony Remains in 2009. Since then, however, the sound has become much rougher. On their first album, after only two demos so far, hints of guitar melodies shimmer through from time to time, but here high tempo and aggression reign supreme. Lots of blast beats, a few tricky breaks that don't destroy the gameplay and pissed off, snotty vocals are the order of the day here. Their music reminds me of The Crown, The Haunted, Legion Of The Damned, Dew-Scented, Carnal Forge, HateSphere or War-Saw, but older influences from Death, Morbid Angel or old Hypocrisy cannot be denied.
The sheer anger could not have been better staged. The precise interplay is frighteningly tight and the music is always authentic. The fat but transparent production breathes extra life into the music. Although the production is up-to-date, there are no trigger sounds and a sterile, lifeless production. This is just the right mix of Death and Thrash Metal, traditional but not stale or fake. The pompous painting that adorns the cover is also perfect and appropriate. Very cool!” (Crossfire Metal)

01 Slaughtering The Will
02 Morbid Reflections
03 Elysian Assassins
04 Xenos
05 Captured Between The Gates
06 Words To Burn The World
07 Slept Among Serpents