Selva - Selva Nocturna (CD) (5871812182169)

Selva - Selva Nocturna (CD)


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Six musicians from Cuba, Argentina, Germany, Holland and Guatemala form the band Selva. Selva was founded in 1990 by classical guitarist and composer Antonio Cosenza. In the early years, the band experimented with different formations. Latin jazz formed the center of the repertoire until the band finally concentrated on their own compositions. The band has existed in its current line-up since 2004 and has released 2 CDs. “Aventura tropical” and “Manantial”.
The latest CD "Selva Nocturna" will be presented on October 12th, 2019 in the Goldbekhaus in Hamburg. Rhythms from Latin America form the basis of Selva's music, with captivating melodies and harmonies, all wrapped up in an original and imaginative style. The band's multicultural composition fuses musical elements of Latin jazz, world music and a touch of classical music.

01 Alpha Centauri
02 Buen espiritu
03 La Tota
04 Sambossa
05 Mundo noestro
06 Presentimiento
07 Patio de jazmines
08 Arrullo
09 Mentirotas
10 Tusonrisa