Sigi Keller - Orfeo Negro (CD) (5871706570905)

Sigi Keller - Orfeo Negro (CD)


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Sigi Keller (* 1962) started playing the guitar at the age of 16, initially as an autodidactic and with friends playing blues, folk and rock. After hearing a concert by Spanish guitarist Antonio Amal in 1981, he was so fascinated by classical guitar music that he began taking classical guitar lessons.
From 1984 to 1993 he studied musicology in Tübingen, where he encountered a colorful concert life that aroused his interest in jazz and South American guitar music. Above all, he feels deeply touched by Baden Powell's guitar pieces. This CD is also dedicated to him.
With the repertoire on this CD, Sigi Keller has tried to express his own versatile experience with different styles of music on the guitar. In addition to pieces by Baden Powell and other well-known South American composers, there are also arrangements of Turkish and Irish songs, as well as jazz standards. Sigi Keller sees pieces like "The Boogie Meets The Woogie" and "Angie", which is popular among guitarists, as a reminiscence of his initial enthusiasm for the guitar.

01 Orfeo Negro
02 Deve Ser Amor
03 Sons De Carillhoes
04 Retrato Brasileiro
05 Valse Sem Nome
06 The Star Of The County Town
07 Uskudar'a
08 Elvede Deme Bana
09 Besame Mucho
10 Angie
11 The Boogie Meets The Woogie
12 The Strayaway Child
13 In grandma's garden
14A Londonderry Air