Simon Flock - Bardo (CD)

Simon Flock - Bardo (CD)


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Bardo means intermediate state. Between sleep and wakefulness, in ignorance, in questioning, between light and dark, between loud and quiet, between familiar and unusual. Piano and singing become means of expression in a search for something in between. Bardo begins with a lot of "space" (first light, lift), songs somewhere between Prokofiev, jazz and pop (le motif cinque) and then condenses into "the astounding eyes of julia", a piece full of breadth about the intense moment of eye contact , about the feeling of falling out of time. "Descending into a waterfight," a perky, childish piece, suggests a prank as meandering polyphonic improvisation emerges in the midst. Again and again it is about experiencing the space in between. Space is left, tones sound into each other, combine to form new harmonies. “Circles” begins with minimalistic sound structures reminiscent of Arvo Pärt; as if someone had forgotten themselves and the world while sitting at the piano and then continued with a simple song. The voice is used twice in the last two pieces, with “Lullaby” marking the end of our journey. Tender, unusual sounds put you in the mood for sleep. Somewhere between dreaming and being awake, the birds keep singing until you no longer know where you are.

01 First Light
02 counterpoint
03 elevator
04 Lydia And Her Cranebirds
05 le motif cinque
06 Hanna
07 The Astonishing Eyes Of Julia
08 dots
09 Liminal Space
10 Distinctive openness
11 Descending Into a Waterfight
12 circles
13 lullaby