Percipio Ergo Sum - Single Celled Organism (CD) (6710150234265)

Percipio Ergo Sum - Single Celled Organism (CD)

FEM 2021-002

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PERCIPIO ERGO SUM is the second solo album by the multi-instrumentalist and producer Jens Lueck (including Syrinx Call, Isgaard), aka SINGLE CELLED ORGANISM.
Clearly rooted in art and progressive rock of the 70s, the range is wide: post rock, alternative, soundtrack and electronic interjections, interspersed with distinctive rhythms and independent guitar riffs. Like a red thread, polyphonic vocal passages and exciting solos, which despite their complexity never lose their melodiousness, run through the pieces. Jens Lueck, who grew up on the piano and later mainly played the drums on the stage, often had the guitar in hand while composing this album - the result are many unorthodox guitar parts that Ingo Salzmann (who contributed his own solos) ) and Johnny Beck as well as Jürgen Osuchowski on the acoustic guitar.
As with all Lueck projects, real strings were used again (for the orchestral simulation in the overdub process) and Jens Lueck's partner ISGAARD took over the vocal parts of the female protagonist again.
PERCIPIO ERGO SUM is again a concept album and continues the story of the previous album SPLINTER IN THE EYE (more on the website The two protagonists survived the fall of civilization and the reconstruction and suffer - each for himself, without meeting each other personally - from the past as well as from the present. The “brave new world” displeases both of them, but in different ways.
The focus is on the so-called TV girl with her perception of civilization, people, the world par excellence, because all of this is for the early 20-year-olds, the 16 years as a test object in a sealed off bunker (without knowledge of the existence of the outside world / other people) completely new.
At its core, it differs fundamentally from other people who are either speechless and uninterested or who are largely shaped by the Cartesian worldview (“cogito, ergo sum” = “I think, therefore I am”).
Her credo is PERCIPIO ERGO SUM (= I perceive, therefore I am), because she sees herself as part of a whole and defines herself through interaction.
The attitude of both protagonists is to be understood as a criticism of humanity in the age of the Anthropocene.

01 She’s Awake
02 The Final Door
03 I'd like to see
04 Ride On A Ray
05 doubts
06 Save Me From Dreaming
07 I'm not human
08 Hey You
09 Humble
10 entanglement runs off
11 Inhale The Dark