SinoDee & die Combo - Farben des Lebens (CD)

SinoDee & the Combo - Colors of Life (CD)


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The album "Colors of Life" is the first German-language album by the band project "SinoDee & die Combo" from southern Thuringia and northern Bavaria. The band DNA is actually blues rock, but the album also likes to leave the "comfort zone". The lyrics and most of the compositions on the album were penned by SinoDee, the singer and namesake of "SinoDee & the Combo". There is much that is personal - paired with social criticism - in the eight songs, which were recorded with passionate commitment by the bandmates in SinoDee's "home studio".

01 Colors of Life
02 I can
03 Get straight
04 Great love
05 Everything just...
06 The pain
07 You never intended
08 The sky is clear