“Sir” Oliver Mally, Hubert Hofherr - Overdue (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871809626265)

“Sir” Oliver Mally, Hubert Hofherr - Overdue (12" vinyl album)


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A sleepy little place in an American backwater. The local bar spits smoke out of every porous hole in the facade - the heat hits you in the face, you save yourself in the bar on the corner and fall into a nocturnal undertow - the figures seem apathetic, times distant. “Sir” Oliver Mally sits on the stage and plays the blues that no one suspects, but everyone is looking for. "Sir" Oliver Mally is without a doubt one of the representatives of the "best blues in Europe" (Concerto). His rough, unconventional music is the pure extract of blues essence. Inhaling this will pop like absinthe for life. His albums have been critically acclaimed internationally. The "best blues singer in the country" (Samir H. Köck, "Die Presse") is always on tour anyway - between Hamburg and Budapest, Graz and Waidhofen an der Thaya, but in between he also likes to visit the Himalayan Blues Festival in Nepal. "Amadeus" nominations and no fewer than thirteen category trophies in the critics' poll of "Concerto" magazine have little room in your luggage, so his instrument is indispensable.
"He still plays his guitar himself, he sings with devotion, heart and soul, he feels himself," summarized the "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten". A "bluesesque" stroke of genius personified, that's Oliver Mally. Born in Lower Bavaria, Hubert Hofherr discovered his love for Chicago blues very early on. In addition to his music studies, he played in his first bands early on and released several recordings. After emigrating to the USA, he toured the USA with well-known blues musicians such as Buster Benton, JW Williams and Merle Perkins, where he founded his own band before returning to Germany. Hubert Hofherr is on concert tours at home and abroad with his band "Hubert Hofherr & The Bottom Line", founded in 1996, as well as with "The Ramblers", Albert C. Humphrey and the Roots of Blues, the Ron Evans Group, the Hamburger Blues singer and guitarist Abi Wallenstein as well as the Electric Blues Duo (Colin Hodgkinson and Frank Diez) and Mano Maniak. And finally the two found each other "live" four years ago.
A brightly colored program is presented, consisting mainly of their own compositions peppered with exquisite covers on which the musicians undoubtedly put their own stamp. Goosebumps are guaranteed with many a song with a blue note.

01 Main Street Blues
02 I Got Some Nasty Habits
03 My Old Friend The Blues
05 Sweet & Fine
06 Sittin' Here Wonderin'
07 Butterfly Girl
08 Meet Me In The Alley
09 time