Sleepwalker’s Station - … as the tides are turning again (CD) (5871683960985)

Sleepwalker's Station - … as the tides are turning again (CD)


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Silence... then a Hammond purrs warmly and softly before the distinctive rusty sound of a Dobro-slide snaps into the scene, that familiar image we know from Sergio Leone's Western, dusty prairie and then, in the distance, the cajon's hoofbeats and the guitar.
This is how the new album as the tides are turning again by the Italian-German-Canadian-Spanish indie folk band Sleepwalker's Station begins. The band is always formed around the singer/songwriter Daniel del Valle in new and different constellations, and so this symbiosis, which is to be understood more as a concept than a band in the traditional sense, consists of twelve elements from five different countries, which, depending on the place and type of the performances in different occupations.
It is the music itself that draws the common thread through the colorful tapestry of sound, which is partly made up of melancholic, autumnal folk songs through to melodies with an Indian or even Irish touch.

01 Democracy etc.
02 'Round the bend
03 By the way
04 Don Quixote De La Mancha
05 Old shoes
06 The name of a prophet
07 Colors on concrete
08 Indian ocean
09 Baile atha cliath
10 About the tides
11 Hiding from the news
12 Challenging philosophy
13 About a friend
14 dead wallabies on the side of the road