Sleepwalker’s Station - Lorca (CD) (5906923290777)

Sleepwalker's Station - Lorca (CD)


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Lorca is the title of the sixth album by songwriter Daniel del Valle & Co. and includes 14 songs in five languages ​​and four dialects that tell of journeys through the Andes, of people, cities and roads, of migration and Lake Garda.
The new album is not only linguistically, but also musically an adventure full of coloring from different cultures and styles. In the indie folk of the European collective on Lorca we find nuances of Argentine tango, Andalusian flamenco, Franco-Belgian chansons, Viennese waltzes mixed with reggae rhythms, Italian hip hop and Austro-Bavarian songwriter tradition.
For three years the band worked together with a total of 20 musicians from all over Europe. There was also an Icelandic singer, a flamenco gypsy from Jerez de la Frontera and a rapper from Milan. The choice of language and dialect reflects the roots and identity of the individual band members: in addition to Spanish, Italian, German, French and English, Catalan, Bavarian, Venetian and Andalusian also appear.
The album was mixed by Calexico sound engineer Craig Schumacher in Arizona and then at the renowned JJ. Mastered by Golden Studios in California.

01 La Valse
02 Hacia Marte
03 rue du Bourg
04 Uno di noi
05 Winter In Berlin
06 Wandering People
07 De Molinos y Gigantes
08 On the way
09 Giorni Sul lago
10 Tucuman
11 Seville
12 Sure J'etais
13 Las Flores del Mal
14 Assunta