Sloppy Joe’s - Live in Hamburg (Vol. 1) (CD)
Sloppy Joe's - Live in Hamburg (Vol. 1) (CD)

Sloppy Joe's - Live in Hamburg (Vol. 1) (CD)


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Live in Hamburg (Vol.1) is the first live EP by the Hamburg power trio Sloppy Joe's. When the live music world almost came to a standstill during the pandemic, the rock band used the time to listen to their previous concert recordings. With wise foresight, the three Hamburg musicians had two shows professionally recorded in their hometown: the release concert for their album Eight Reasons To Rock (2016) in the sold-out Knust and the show for the release of the longplayer Devil's Music (2019) in the Indra Musikclub. The best titles for the EP have now been compiled from both concerts. In addition to Devil's Music, the most streamed piece from the band's back catalog and now the opener of every Sloppy Joe's show, the track list also includes Right Decision, Lonesome No.1, Make Some Noise and Some Broken Hearts Never Mend. In their live version, the five songs perfectly capture the atmosphere of a Sloppy Joe's concert: the gripping live sound and the interaction between band and audience are clearly noticeable. This piece of (live) music is a contemporary document for the joy of playing and live energy of the three rockaholics and impresses with rousing riffs, catchy hooks and a lot of groove. In addition, the EP was produced in the highest audio resolution, giving you the feeling of being there live.

01 intro
02 Devil's Music
03 Right decision
04 Lonesome No. 1
05 Make Some Noise
06 Some Broken Hearts Never Mend