Slowtide - Solaria (CD) (5871678881945)

Slow Tide - Solaria (CD)


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It's been three years since the release of the melancholically introverted debut
"Origins" passed. The new songs on the album "Solaria" come as summery radiant indie pop - with an unmistakably British touch.
Slowtide manages to form catchy guitar sounds and gentle, determined vocals into beautiful pop harmonies. With a clear voice Kevin Werdelmann sings friendly about nasty stories about the longing to leave everything behind and the longing of the abandoned who has to stay behind.
Kevin Werdelmann is a guitarist, singer and composer of all songs and played most of the instruments himself. Together with drummer Aaron Jablonski, the string and wind guests and a lot of attention to detail, the homogeneous, warm sound of "Solaria" was created.

01 Sunrise
02 California
03 Fragile
04 The love you lose
05 Five Steps
06 No horizons
07 Caroline
08 Aimless
09 Orlando
10 Wanderlust
11 Sundown