Snorre Schwarz - Berlin Gumbo (CD) (5871823323289)

Snorre Schwarz - Berlin Gumbo (CD)


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Berlin gumbo.... the very latest and ancient magic soup from Lower Potamia is a homage to freedom and the courage to use intuition. Ingredients from the Berlin-Moscow-Haifa triangle are used to make gumbo, the quasi-soljanka from New Orleans. The small kettle of the album is overflowing with unbelievable ingredients, images, stories, grooves, melodies and echoes of harmonies. Breathtaking and bewitching.
Berlin Gumbo, overwhelming and intoxicating, a dance on the volcano. Snorre Schwarz is a freelance drummer, composer, neighborhood philosopher and wordsmith from Berlin.
Coming from Göttingen, he came from the children's choir & school band fame in the late 80s, finally on tour with Die Fremden (punk) and out into the world to Bravo, the early VIVA & the David Volksmund Studio in Fresenhagen (Ton Steine ​​Scherben). In 1994 he went to Berlin, where he dived into the world music scene (Di Grine Kuzine) and developed a one-of-a-kind stand drum set into the driving heart of 5 albums and 1500 concerts. Since 2011 he has been on Polkamission with Polkaholix, always across Europe. As a guest drummer he played with Maximilian Hecker for two tours in Europe and Asia, Katharina Frank and Rotfront Emigrantski Raggamuffin.
He has always written lyrics for his bands and in the 90s he found a strict mentor in Heiner Maass (Wenzel & Mensching) to whom he had to submit new poems every week. Everything for art. Since 2009, Snorre has also been a solo artist. Somewhere between punk, two Udos, DADA DA, hits, the new buildings, Heinrich von Kleist, Gustav Mahler, Stan Laurel, Sesame Street, Bruce Springsteen, Dr. John, Bukowski, Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits he lurches his way...
That sounds like the Bermuda Decathlon. Great poses and breaks here and there, conversational tone and flashes of inspiration, knowledge and entertainment. Simple, banal and with poignant force. Berlin Gumbo is his third album after "Petit Berlinois" (2009) and "Piepen & Zinnober" (2014). It was produced in close cooperation with Bastian Ernicke in the Peter Miese Studio in Berlin Buchholz.

01 room in the house
02 Can be
03 Berlin gumbo
04 night kiss
05 Monkey Business
06 Schniek the thief