Snowfall in June - Long - Forgotten Curls (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871815098521)

Snowfall in June - Long - Forgotten Curls (12" vinyl album)


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If Snowfall in June were a hairdressing utensil with twelve letters, they would be a hair dryer: Lots of power, momentum and optimal hold. Danceable pop rock that brings joy and movement to the bar with depth and lightness.
The band takes audiences on a journey from anthemic stadium rock to Old West saloon, from smooth beachside idyll to bustling New York. The melodies are catchy, the polyphonic songs under the skin.
Snowfall in June has already played on numerous stages, for example at the Film-Food-Festival in Münster, at Kemnade in Flammen and at the Pfingst-Open Air in Heiligenhafen. Most recently, the five friends guaranteed themselves a performance on the main stage for Essen Original 2019 with the Newcomer Prize 2018 and they won the support of the Bochum music office.

01 Black Sheep
02 Train Of Life
03 All The Time
04 Assumed
05 Unicorns
06 The Girl
07 1.40
08 New York
09 You Got It
10 In My Mind
11 Streets