SOAR - In the palms of space and time (Mediabook inkl. CD) (5948063547545)

SOAR - In the palms of space and time (Mediabook incl. CD)


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After her debut Into Earth, Wind and Fire, a "passionate description of love and emotion with an aesthetic touch", Soar continues her course "to deepen today in search of the future" with a second volume of poetic reflections, the dedicated to time and space as the four-dimensional continuum of the universe, rulers of life and people.
Under the cloak of metaphors, symbols and parallel reflections, the author questions the possibility of inserting love as a fifth dimension in the harmonious blend of forces that determine the rhythm of our lives. Time and space are suddenly perceived from a completely different perspective, enchanted by the veil of love and the deep passion inherent in it, which ultimately gives new value to life from newborn to old age with its own "measures".
A slightly less 'inward' approach, but conveying an equally strong, general 'inward' message, guiding the reader on their journey of self-awareness and introspection towards harmony, true values ​​and happiness.

01 Intro: In the Palms of Space (Soar)
02 Prologue (Soar)
03 The Expanse of a Seed (Soar)
04 The Expanse of a Tree (Soar)
05 The Expanse of a Garden (Soar)
06 The Expanse of a Mountain (Soar)
07 The Expanse of an Island (Soar)
08 The Expanse of a Sea (Soar)
09 The Expanse of Earth (Soar)
10 The Expanse of Space (Soar)
11 Intro: In the Palms of Time (Soar)
12 The Extent of a Second (Soar)
13 The Extent of a Minute (Soar)
14 The Extent of an Hour (Soar)
15 The Extent of a Day (Soar)
16 The Extent of a Season (Soar)
17 The Extent of a Year (Soar)
18 The Extent of a Decade (Soar)
19 The Extent of Time (Soar)
20 Intro: In the Palms of Space and Time (Soar)
21 Taming Time (Soar)
22 Taming Space (Soar)
23 Untamed Love (Soar)