Sofie’s Loft - Goldstück (CD) (5871736062105)

Sofie's Loft - Goldstück (CD)


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A "piece of gold" from Regensburg will be in stores in March 2017: The first album by "Sofie's Loft" promises 45 minutes of the finest German pop with catchy tunes. "Everything goes, because your world is turning, everything flows and nothing stands still" - with this message lead singer Felicitas Klein and guitarist Claudia Pörsch start into new worlds of German-speaking pop music.
The twelve original compositions of her debut work are a very personal hymn to love, freedom and happiness, inspired by the recurring question of what really counts and stays in life. On stage together since 2012, the two thoroughbred musicians are now touring throughout Germany and presenting their multifaceted repertoire: powerful, rousing and full of charm. Her fans will soon be able to take her home via CD or download – “Let life be great cinema”.

01 Anything goes
02 Not in Berlin
03 I will see you
04 Too good to be true
05 Live your dream
06 When you touch the sea
07 high flyer
08 Elsewhere
09 I (alone)
10 Strong for you
11 The Whole Truth
12 Will be fine