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Sonor Teutonicus - Dawn (CD)


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With "Morgenrot" Sonor Teutonicus from the Osnabrücker Land present their fifth studio album. Stylistically, the album represents a continuous development from the previous albums. The quintet added modified drums to its “acoustic medieval folk rock”. In addition, as usual, the guitar cistern, violin, bagpipes, shawm and key bass, a deep key fiddle, accompany the singing with a rich soundscape and also appear as solos in many instrumental parts.
Compared to its predecessor, "Fear not" (2015), "Morgenrot" contains significantly more original songs, such as the dramatic "In die Weite", the melancholy "Maledictio", the dreamy "Schwarz war die Nacht", the fiery " Wettergott”, almost a Heavy Metal piece, and of course the rousing band anthem “Sonor Teutonicus”. A spirited Marian hymn from the Spanish Middle Ages was given a new German text in the form of “Appearance is deceptive”, and the Middle High German poem “In dem Aberellen” was set to a dance-like major melody. The rocking "Ecce torpet probitas", the hit song "Pope and Sultan" and the "Wolf auff wir wellen slauffen" by Oswald von Wolkenstein are purely traditional pieces, as is "Diacove", a Bulgarian dance in 9/8 time and the only one instrumental track on the album.
The 11 very individual and varied pieces lead the listener through changing moods, tell of love and sensual pleasures, of deception, longing and hope, of deep night and bright day, of the dark side of existence and bright moments. They always invite you to dance and sing along.

1. Sonorous Teutonicus
2. Appearances are deceptive
3. Ecce torpet probitas
4. In the Aberellen
5. Into the vastness
6. Diacove
7. Maledictio
8. Pope and Sultan
9. Black was the night
10. Wol auff we sprint waves
11. Weather God