Soulbound - Myllennium (2CD) (5871728754841)

Soulbound - Myllennium (2CD)


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Myllennium is the long-awaited debut successor to Bielefeld-based alternative metal band Soulbound.
Myllennium is the declaration of war against ignorance and complacency, against arrogance and all those who think they can put themselves above others. Responsibility for future generations, our planet and fellow human beings are the themes that have shaped the content of the album. It should hardly come as a surprise that in today's world, characterized by crises and wars, environmental disasters, hostility and exploitation, young people in particular are also dealing with these issues and wish for a different picture for future generations.
Soulbound have packed these thoughts into eleven full-fledged album tracks and show them in their full range. A tangible ballad has also found its place on the album. But who now expects musical melancholy will be taught a better one. As always, Soulbound go hard forward and offer the most powerful Alternative Metal with a brute presence. Many a Nu Metal fan will remember the good old days here and there and find a reminiscent smile on their lips. But in this production, one or the other quieter tone provides variety and even more depth.
With Myllennium, the guys from Bielefeld are not only taking the next step musically and are going one better. In addition to the CD, the album will be released together with the elaborately produced live DVD and will turn your living room into a mosh pit (40-minute live show, wall of death camera, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound).

01 intro
02 words
03 Welcome To The Dawn
04 Heart To The Sky
05 One Million Scars
06 Neverland
07 Zero One
08 Forever is never done
09 Rising Sun
10 Overcome
11 Wake Up Call
12 Mylennium
13 Outro