Soulwalker - Illusion (CD) (5871818211481)

Soulwalker - Illusion (CD)


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In 2020 we celebrate 10 years of Soulwalker - with a new album! For more than a decade we collected which well-known songs gave you goosebumps on the outside of our performances, made you sigh inside with your eyes closed and created this wonderfully crackling atmosphere between you and us that lets you experience the moment.
Here are 12 songs selected by us in CD form! Hear us on our fourth CD up close and yet as opulent as never before, experience us in rocking, roaring covers by Melissa Etheridge, Jennifer Rush, Alannah Myles or Bon Jovi, but also in gentle yet intense tones by Norah Jones and Cyndi Lauper , Silvermoon, or by Soulwalker himself.

1. I See Fire
2. yes
3. Hallelujah
4. Time After Time
6. Black Velvet
7. Like The Way I Do
8. A compliment
9. I Come Undone
10. I run
11. Unconditional
12. Bed of Roses