Soulwalker - Soulrise (CD) (5906919751833)

Soulwalker - Soulrise (CD)


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Melodies that go into your ears. Words that tell life. Songs that reach the soul.
This is Soulwalker - a cheerful band from the Leipzig, Dresden and Döbeln area, which enchants hearts with their music! With guitars, piano, cajón and vocals, they play a sophisticated mix of their own songs, modern hits and catchy tunes from the past decades. Songs you know but rarely experience live. Not a classic top 40, but an acoustic treat for every taste!

01 Missing you
02 More beautiful than life
03 Soul Rise
04 Once again
05 In between our dreams
06 My own feet
07 Energy
08 Stress-free
09 shadow without light
10 All that I am