Soulwalker - We Are The Ones (CD) (5871716401305)

Soulwalker - We Are The Ones (CD)


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Soulwalker - soul walker.
Turn your inner self to the outside with us and our songs, immerse yourself in songs about good mood and cheerfulness, listen to sounds about dreams, about friendships, anticipation and love, but also about thoughtfulness, loss, sadness and inner turmoil.
Music as authentic as life tells - melodies that touch your soul - music from heart to soul. And now browse, listen and let yourself be carried away!

01 Temptation's Disguise
02 Nothing left to prove
03 Freedom Leaves A Choice
04 We Are The Ones
05 One Day You'll Be
06 So small
07 Whiteout
08 Truth and Loneliness
09 Sorrow Remains
10 You don't see me
11 Too late
12 This Is Me
13 Better Off Alone