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Sound Shop - Open (CD)


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The ten David Guettas of jazz, Beethovens of punk rock and No Angels of boy bands play their way into the hearts and especially into the feet of the listeners with a mixture of groovy funk, rocking guitar riffs, jazzy horn sections and the soulful voice of singer Larry. Music to dance to and have fun with! Good mood and dopamine excesses, on and in front of the stage! That is the message that these 9 lords of creation and the "rooster in the basket" embody in their music.
With SoundLaden, crisp brass interjections meet fast bass fumbling, smooth ballads meet wild percussion and an angelic background choir roar meets the unmistakable soft rocking voice of the singer. It is precisely this mix that makes the store what it is: music that you must have heard, felt, experienced and above all danced to yourself!

01 The street musician
02 Great
03 summer
04 Doesn't matter
05 day to dance
06 I'm a fan of...
07 About life
08 Check it out
09 mask
10 master lamp