Spielfilm - Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen! (DVD) (5915557527705)

Wait, just wait a while! – Feature film thriller (DVD)


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The Red Row in Hanover, a street with history, was at the beginning of the 20th century the home of the mass murderer Fritz Haarmann. 100 years after his horrible deeds, Mimi's birthday party takes place there. As the celebration draws to a close, the guests decide to contact the spirits with the help of a Ouija board. The mood changes when Mimi's friend Markus and his former best friend Robert clash. In the following days, the mysterious incidents accumulate and suddenly there is a series of murders. Markus, editor of the local newspaper, and his colleagues try to find out who is responsible as well as the police. Was it really the spirit of a seven-year-old boy they communicated with and can the crazy medium help them?