Spieltrieb - Ohrrangement! (CD) (5948061450393)

Play instinct - earrings! (CD)


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No wrinkles on your face yet, but refreshingly profound wisdom up your sleeve. The fact that two music students skillfully set their instruments vibrating in every plucked, percussive, knocked and bowed technique comes as no surprise. One might not have expected the two of them to expand their chansons with occasional country or reggae influences into unimagined widths and heights. With the first songs, many already have a familiar feeling in their legs and ears with the second chorus, without the desire to have to hear something new again.

01 Can wait
02 colors
03 Sunburn
04 I have no idea
05 ride a bike
06 A friend of mine
07 Marlborough Hair
08 The disoriented student in conflict with the meritocracy
09 Of ways
10 My Swampmate III
11 Pissed off
12 Unmotivated
13 elevator direction unknown
14 I used to be a cowboy
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