Spieltrieb - Regionalexzess (CD) (5948061515929)

Play instinct - regional excess (CD)


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“The guys from Spieltrieb know their craft and the lyrics and the music are absolutely addictive. The entire artwork of the “Regionalexzess” is also great, which, as the name suggests, is designed entirely in the style of the DB Regional Express. The booklet is full of RE signs, plaques and upholstery patterns, and the CD's label is an "Open Door" button. Even the track list is a departure plan ... absolutely super done. The disc and the band get 10/10 points from me - they really deserve them :-)" (Venue Music)

01 million happy faces
02 Lately
03 Time to beam
04 This text
05 undergraduate 2010
06 A piece of happiness
07 From the suffix -inside
08 Lady
09 We remain silent
10 Summary
11 I want warm
12 The very sad ballad of cold pizza
13 My swamp mate 1
14 and
15 So many faces
16 sleep deprivation
17 Lethargy