Spieltrieb - Schönes Ding (CD) (5948061581465)

Play instinct - beautiful thing (CD)


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“Schönes Ding honestly deserves its name and ties in seamlessly with the previous album Regionalexzess. The production seems to have turned out a little fatter to me. Philipp and Lennart's distinctive voices are the hallmark of play instinct, which can be heard in thousands of singer-songwriter songs. Since being a student in 2010, Spieltrieb's music has had a little student flair for me. The lyrics are spot on with the zeitgeist and the music is lively and fun. The two boys show that you don't just have to whine during this time - they denounce some grievances, but always with wit and charm. I can recommend this beautiful thing to you without hesitation - buy it!" (Venue Music)

01 When it all began
02 This song
03 My sunshine
04 Let me InSect
05 My point of view
06 And it works
07 sex complex
08 My swamp mate 2
09 spam micn too
10 Do you know how shit that song is?
11 Debits and Credits
12 Thick Blood
13 From the day before
14 Quietly
15 The last day