Spieltrieb - 10 (Zehn) (CD) (5871705260185)

Play Instinct - 10 (Ten) (CD)


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Two men on the 10th anniversary stage. They tell stories from the times of their "regional excess", sing about relationship problems and the "tour blues" and set Kurt Tucholsky's "Ideal and Reality" to music. They warble drinking songs in The Pogues guise and sing about the symptoms of mental officialdom. From folk songs to folk, country music to punk - the two gentlemen know no genre boundaries. They rewrite a German folk song, serve punk rock numbers that could also come from the doctors and the next moment they tenderly set a poem by Kurt Tucholsky to music. "Life is a beautiful game" and can be found in all its variants on the anniversary album. The style, composition, instrumentation and production of the album appear to be just as varied – just the urge to play. Quiring and Kasburg once again locked themselves in together with the congenial producer Matthias Schrei for a long time and dressed their songs in arrangements in which, in addition to guitar, electric guitar, bass and drums, accordion, mandolin, glockenspiel, melodica and entire wind instruments are used.
"We must also be allowed to want to," says a song on her last album. And every fan who takes the new album out of the CD player after weeks of rotation will nod in agreement: You can do anything!

01 Play instinct sings a song
02 Home
03 cherry pie
04 Ideal and reality
05 Don't stay away so long
06 104
07 madam
08 dance
09 All bottles all
10 Symptom only
11 The moment
12 Be Whole!
13 You don't meet someone like me every day