Spirit Of The Future Sun - Fortitude (CD) (5871737929881)

Spirit Of The Future Sun - Fortitude (CD)


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But almost certainly something like: "Well done!" Five virtuosos are at work on Spirit Of The Future Sun. The sticking point: They put their technical skills at the service of the songs and create organic music with complex structures that appeal to body and mind alike.
Eike Freese (Dark Age / Hansen & Friends) has done a great job on the controls: The sound is so transparent that every detail comes across perfectly, and at the same time heavy enough to make steamrollers jealous. Turn up!

01 Phantoms Of Clarity
02 Letters From Cancer Mainlands
03 Imitation Of Life
04 When The Link Becomes Missing (ft. Chris Clancy)
05 My Sweet Suffering
06 Architects Of God
07 The Rivers Who Conquered Perdition (ft. Chris Clancy)
08 Skeptic In Perspective
09 Streams From The Ghost Inside
10 Night Garden Palace
11 United Scars Anthem 2.0
12 Crystal Mountain (Death Cover)