St. Louis & The Walking Dead - Blue Moon (7“ Single) (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871789015193)

St. Louis & The Walking Dead - Blue Moon (7" vinyl single)

OLR 85

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...the urge of life steams up to us.
Out of dire need, with intoxicated exuberance and a fat portion of Rock'N'Roll, St. Louis & The Walking Dead don't miss a band. The two gentlemen stand for raspy, driving psychadelic tube sound and brilliant, thrashing beats.
Before the first EP Blue Moon Shuffle was released in October 2018, St. Louis & The Walking Dead performed with bands like The New Candys, San Antonio Kid or Blue Angel Lounge in clubs, bars and on festival stages.
"We, on the other hand, have found each other, In the ether's star-shimmering ice, know no days, no hours, are neither man nor woman, neither young nor old."

1 glory
2 Blood On The Track
3 Hide & Seek
4 supernova