Stef Rosen (& The Fuzznotes) - Soulfly (CD)

Stef Rosen & The Fuzznotes - Soulify (CD)


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“This album has a special meaning for me for several reasons. Recording a band album with international musicians during isolation and lockdown was a challenge but I did it - a wild ride. I made this album for myself but I think a lot of people out there need it right now. It can be the soul spark and good vibes to banish your sadness and sometimes it can be the hand on your shoulder. That's what Soulify means to me.”

01 Home
02 Introducing: The Fuzznotes
03 I Can't Stand A Woman Cryin'
04 Karma Knows Best
05 Sugar Babe
06 Can't Get Enough Of You
07 hold me
08 I Don't Believe In Miracles
09 Coming On Strong
10 Trouble Never Let You Down
11 Please Don't Quit Me Baby
12 chicken soup
13 How Long
14 I'm Here