Stefan Noelle - Meinetwegen im Regen (CD) (5871729311897)

Stefan Noelle - In the rain because of me (CD)


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With his debut Meintwegen im Regen, Stefan Noelle gets to the point poetically. Full of desire and love, the Munich chanson writer devotes himself to the German language, paints touching pictures in his songs and dresses them in captivating melodies.
There is someone who writes and sings who knows the changing tides of life and goes into it with an alert mind and an open heart. A collector of what has been experienced, seen, guessed at and felt – who, when the time is right, distills the essence from it all and further processes it into fine miniatures. It can sometimes take 26 (!) years for a song like this to feel mature enough for its creator and its audience. With Give it another juice, before you go, Stefan Noelle gives a humorous and honest account of what it's actually like to have this one dream at the age of 21 - then to sneak around it for decades, to live close to each other (even if the direction right) - to finally do it after all...
Because otherwise no one would ever have found out what climate change is doing to German poetry (O Mai) and how frighteningly familiar weird relationship communication can sound (But that's the way it works).
Day or night, in the rain, in Paris or Prague - it would never have been negotiated (In the rain, I'm fine) and this wildly painted, ornate heart would not lie in a quiet, safe place - instead it would never have beaten ( My tattooed heart).
Stefan Noelle writes with love, with fire and sometimes with anger. His poetry is finely polished and to the point, his music is colorful and melodically rich. He orchestrates them with a fine blend of folk pop and hints of jazz. Arranged for a small cast, in which bass clarinet and alto flute in particular provide rarely heard colours, a surprisingly full, wide sound is created that fills rooms and still creates space for linguistic elegance and musical subtleties.
Stefan Noelle is a man who searches for the nuances in language and music - in the tradition of the great European singer-songwriters, chansonniers and cantaurori.

01 In the rain, if you like
02 But that's how it works
03 Strawberry punch
04 night frost
05 The smallest
06 My tattooed heart
07 It wasn't possible back then
08 flower key
09 O May
10. Where you go every day
11. We dwell in a subject
12. Chocolates and port wine
13. Do you want to fennel with me?
14. Dog owner
15. Give me another juice before you go
16. It's a tender moment