Stefan Saffer - Singers & Players (CD) (5871720792217)

Stefan Saffer - Singers & Players (CD)


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Stefan Saffer, singer/songwriter with an unmistakable raspy voice from Leipzig has been one of the most authentic German musicians for years when it comes to American roots rock, country, bluegrass and folk, but also punk rock'n'roll. Appreciated and praised by international musicians as well as local colleagues, on his 5 CD releases so far as well as more than 40 times a year "live on stage" he always offers emotional, musically exciting great cinema - every evening - with every damn song!
It doesn't matter at all whether Stefan Saffer presents his songs alone, emotionally, acoustically or rocking wildly with his congenial backing band, the Silvertones. The 49-year-old was "road tested" through years of touring throughout Germany/Europe, but also through appearances in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and in numerous clubs along the New Jersey coast. In his songs, Stefan Saffer writes about life on the street, about dark, endless nights, loneliness, sin and forgiveness, but of course also about the great mysteries of love.
Seeing himself in the tradition of singer/songwriters like Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Joe Strummer or Bruce Springsteen, Stefan Saffer doesn't shy away from "political songs" in which he repeatedly denounces the injustices of our society. These stories are conveyed in an exciting mixture of fiery Americana roots rock'n'roll, dark folk, and dusty country and blues.

01 Singers And Players
02 Scars
03 Better Than A Broken Heart
04 House Of Rain
05 Angel From The Jersey Shore
06 Cold Blue Rain
07 I'm Broke (But I'm Not Broken Yet)
08 Paper Moon
09 From Rebellion To Redemption... And Then Back
10 The Rhythm Of The River