Stefan Sell - Bestsellers refreshed for guitar (CD) (5871815721113)

Stefan Sell - Bestsellers refreshed for guitar (CD)

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Outrageous! - Stefan Sell has completely reinvented the classics. We have certainly never heard the bestsellers by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven or Humperdinck like this! With hints of fingerstyle, with groove, folk and swing character or characterized by flamenco rhythms, but then again lyrically sensitive. Sounds that beguile, fascinate and carry you away.
Despite all these amazing, breathtaking liberties, Sell has the greatest musical respect for the originals. Sell ​​succeeds in daring to redesign the works in a personal but also mysteriously authentic way, thus reactivating what fascinates us.
- This CD is a listening experience.

01 air
02 evening blessing
03 Ô malheureuse Iphigénie!
04 Serenade
05 Rondo alla turca
06 Ombra adorata aspetta
07 Bourree
08 joy, beautiful divine spark
09 Jesus remains my joy
10 Hail Mary
11 Une étoile pour tous les ortolans
12 Good evening, good night