Stefan Solo - Frei sein (CD) (5871715647641)

Stefan Solo - Be Free (CD)


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In his songs he describes everyday situations, interpersonal issues. He finds a clear language: "Being free" is the title of his latest album, with which Stefan Solo inspires his ever-growing fan base.
Stefan Solo is on the way. again. Almost restlessly he rushes from concert to concert. The singer-songwriter has already performed 200 times a year. Solo plays in concert halls, at city festivals, also in front of a small audience in a cabaret bar. The live performances are his life. "They give me a lot. It's important to me that I always get feedback from my listeners after the concerts," says the man who uses pointed lyrics in his songs. Songs that have what it takes to hold their own in front of a very large audience. Insiders already see a second Reinhard Mey in Stefan Solo.
In recent years, the number of performances has grown, mainly in northern Germany.
And with them grew the number of his fans, who can't get enough of the songwriter with the pointed tongue and his guitar. The secret of his success are the lyrics of his songs. He describes everyday situations in relationships and gives free rein to thoughts about them. Many a listener may recognize themselves in the audience.

01 I love you
02 Tell nothing
03 Rainbow
04 Let's get up
05 Be free
06 Not in the mood for you
07 I wanted
08 I'm actually fine
09 I'm looking for a boat
10 say thank you