Stephanie K. - A Word Before You Go (CD) (5871770501273)

Stephanie K. - A Word Before You Go (CD)


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The jazz singer Stephanie K. presents her fourth solo album. With her ensemble, she uses emotionally complex songs to illuminate numerous facets of life: love, loss, nostalgia, humor.
Eight of these thirteen pieces are original compositions. In addition, Stephanie K. wrote lyrics for three tracks composed by well-known jazz musicians Joe Locke (A Word Before You Go), Geoffrey Keezer (Honu) and Emanuel Hauptmann (Breaking Ice). Additionally, the album includes interpretations of Joni Mitchel's "Big Yellow Taxi" and Lennon/McCartney's "She's Leaving Home".
We cordially invite you to lose yourself in the magic of this "jazz conversation". Feel how Sebastian Altekamp (piano) and Ingo Senst (bass) harmoniously intertwine the themes of the album. Let yourself be carried away by the wave formed by Christian Schoenefeldt (drums) and Markus Paßlick (percussion) and experience the colorful variety of sounds that Christian Kappe (trumpet/flugelhorn) creates with his instruments.

1. A Word Before You Go
2. Side dish
3. Ignorance Is Bliss
4. Honu
5. Don't Friend Me On Facebook
6. She's Leaving Home
7. Big Yellow Taxi
8. If I Had A Sister
9. Breaking Ice
10. The Bold
11. Watch Your Step
12. Adjusted To Silence
13. Take Me Back