Sterilium - Aus eigener Kraft (CD) (5871728132249)

Sterilium - On Your Own (CD)


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This is how fairy tales usually begin. But the history of the band "Sterilium" is not a fairy tale. Of course it started with a dream, Tom's dream of his "own" German rock band. As is so often the case in life, there have been many fellow campaigners over the years who yelled "here" loudly, but always said goodbye when the going got tough.
Nevertheless, Tom never let the almost regular setbacks get him down. He was on his knees a number of times, but with an energy bordering on obsessive he would get up and keep going.

01 On my own (Intro)
02 With a Sorrowful Heart
03 Pedagogical Revolution
04 zest for life
05 burnout
06 Go on
07 Model No. 1
08 Monsters in the mirror
09 All clocks stand still
10 Leg, Scream, Slit, Hand
11 Dark Sea
12 Dying without a name
13 We want to go to heaven
14 time of your time