Steve Luxembourg - Flares (CD) (5871704834201)

Steve Luxembourg - Flares (CD)


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After the calls of the desert, the voices sound far away. From a deep blue bay comes the muffled sound of anxious poetry trying to fight against the screeching of the wildly circling seagulls. Shrouded in loneliness and self-doubt, an old fisherman carries his story to the beach, embeds it between the wet rocks with trembling hands.
Between the melancholy of cool summer nights and the desolation of gray winter days, the five new songs on the Flares EP by twenty-year-old Steve Luxembourg were created. The musician, who lives in Paris, Freiburg and Braunschweig, presents his pieces individually and universally, which move through a soundscape shaped by folk, electronic and indie rock with a high recognition value.

01 Le Havre
02 Scandinavia
03 Slowly Circling Hawks
04 Blue Elder
05 Exploding Steam Boats