Steve Train And His Bad Habits - Similau (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871689826457)

Steve Train And His Bad Habits - Similau (7" vinyl single)


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'So Jack Rhodes was sitting outside his studio one day... throwing a stack of songs in the air. Wondered where they would end up«. This is what Franz Dobler writes in the liner notes of the debut album.
In fact, many years later, Steffen Zug aka Steve Train stumbled across unreleased, partially damaged tape material by legendary songwriter Jack Rhodes from 1956-59. What were those songs...?
Definitely not from our time, clearly raw, unfinished, sometimes offensive and above all incredibly unique and intense.
Inspired by the magical songs from Rhodes' pen, a band of fellow musicians and ne'er-do-wells was drummed together in a very short time to finally set these demos to music - in the spirit of the inventor. This task turned out to be all the more interesting because almost every musician comes from a different musical corner: blues to gypsy jazz with detours to rockabilly, country, punk rock, hardcore, folk, western swing to 60's garage rock...
Ultimately, it was this diversity that provided rich breeding ground for the seeds of Rhodes' songs. The first recordings were made after a short time. Over time, the band also got together more and more musically, and after the second recording session, the time had actually come: The first public appearance of "Steve Train and His Bad Habits" was also the record and CD release. The debut album The Lost Jack Rhodes Tapes was released on Bad-S Records. The music of the six men in black, which in addition to guitars, drums, piano, double bass, e-bass, is also performed with steel guitar and accordion in the repertoire, didn't seem to fit into any common drawer... .

01 Similau
02 True loving woman