Steven Morrys - Elvis Come Back (CD) (5871763718297)

Steven Morrys - Elvis Come Back (CD)


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August 16, 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death and Elvis and his music are still present. Singer / songwriter and Elvis fan Steven Morrys from Germany wants to touch people's innermost parts with "Elvis Come Back", a poignant ballad in homage to Elvis and for his fans. Morry's vision: "Elvis Come Back" should be understood as a musical memorial in honor of Elvis Aaron Presley and commemorate him worldwide at least every year on his birthday (January 8th) and on the anniversary of his death (August 16th).
However, "Elvis Come Back" is not an Elvis song and is therefore not aimed exclusively at Elvis fans. On the contrary, the spirit of Elvis should also reach the people and generations who were no longer able to experience Elvis. Maybe this song will arouse curiosity to find out who Elvis actually was? What was or still is so fascinating about him that 500,000 people make a pilgrimage to Graceland every year?

1. Elvis Come Back
3. Close to me
4. Elvis Come Back Radio Edit
5. Elvis Come Back Acoustic
6. Elvis Come Back Karaoke with Background
7. Elvis Come Back Karaoke with no background