Strandheizung - Einfach Tanzen (CD) (5871762702489)

Beach Heater - Just Dance (CD)


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From melancholy to confidence, Strandheizung try to capture emotions where they are strongest. It's often only brief moments that can change a lot. We have to look around because most of the inspiration is right in front of us. People or situations that touch us. Small gestures, words, sometimes hardly worth mentioning. But for the musicians it is worth grabbing the moment and telling about it. everyday stories. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes full of joy, but always personal, authentic and often with a wink. The band accompanies their German lyrics with well thought-out music in the style of singer-songwriter/pop-rock.
On the current album, Strandheizung convinces with clarity in the musical design, but at the same time, if you listen closely, also with a love of detail that makes each of the twelve tracks appear unique. "Einfach Tanzen" is a short journey through ten years of band history and an invitation to let yourself be carried along.

1. My vision
2. I'll take you with me
3. Euphoria
4. Fear of flying
5. Do you know one
6. You follow me
7. The moment
8. Just dance
9. Silent film
10. September 31
11. What I wanted to tell you
12. Boredom