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Stream - Speechless (CD)


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The many years of loose cooperation between the four jazz musicians in changing line-ups has led to the desire to summarize the work on a CD through numerous joint concerts and projects since 2014. Like four different sources that unite to form a river, Stream combines individual musical experiences, ideas and compositions into a common whole. your electricity.
The Stream compositions range from sensitive ballads to almost groovy rhythms with intricate themes and sound structures, always linked by improvisations that promise further development in the live concert. Although Stream is a classic jazz quartet, the usual focal points and tasks between the instruments are resolved and shifted. Stream dedicates the debut album "Speechless" to the singer Susanne Drerup-Christenhuß, who died in 2017 and with whom they performed several times as a quintet in 2014.

1 Bossassa
2 Expecting January
3 Notice The Moment
4 Valse Satinée
5 Treillis
6 November Day
7 Speechless
8 January Feel
9 Brouillard Dense