Summery Mind - About Dreams And Reality (CD) (5871699165337)

Summery Mind - About Dreams And Reality (CD)


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It is this fine line that the young alternative rock band Summery Mind around front singer Lari manages to walk: It is a harmonious connection between a hard, metal-influenced rock sound and sensitive and melodic - not to say poppy - vocals that To create a Summery Mind without falling into old-established clichés of these two pop music poles, as is so often the case.
The band, which was founded in Bad Salzuflen at the end of 2006, already made the final breakthrough in the regional music scene with their first demo CD "The Last Light" and also aroused the interest of the radio station 1Live from Cologne, who voted Summery Mind in January 2009 to be the young band of the month chose. Summery Mind made their debut with their album About Dreams And Reality, released in June 2011.
Their single "May", the video of which has already reached well over 20,000 views on YouTube, was also very popular and was placed on radio station WDR2 and music TV station iM1.
Summery Mind offer the opportunity to penetrate deep into their music, in which they share their very personal experiences and thoughts with their fans and are not afraid to occasionally address socio-critical topics. The band is multi-faceted in many ways and at first glance it's obvious that more than just the female singer's voice provides a contrast as the rest of the band is made up of men. However, it's not about directing the spotlight on just one person, but about the perfect interaction, the contribution of each individual, about the common high goals and of course about having fun with the music... the big picture, so to speak.

"Thanks to some quite metallic, brute riffs and a first-class singer, Summery Mind spread a very unique scent that doesn't need to shy away from national comparisons." (RockHard, April 2012, #299)

01 About dreams...
02 For Stella
03 Look ahead
04 May
05 Let me just say
06 Secret show
07 Why
08 Silent wishes
09 Nobody cares