Summery Mind - Belonging (CD) (5871701721241)

Summery Mind - Belonging (CD)


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It is this fine line that the young alternative rock band SUMMERY MIND around front singer Lari manages to walk: It is a harmonious connection between a hard, metal-influenced rock sound and sensitive and melodic - not to say poppy - vocals that SUMMERY MIND without falling into old-established clichés of these two pop music poles, as so often happens.
Their debut successor, Belonging, was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign. The album is musically and lyrically like a mirror for the band as they look back on their history so far. Belonging is a point of view that shows where the band has already arrived on their young path. And it is a decision to resolutely continue on this path and to stick to the goals and values ​​we live by.
Belonging is the psychoanalysis that shouldn't be. It is close to the life of the band and tells of decisions that have to be made, of loss and disappointment (The Realist), the moments when one is close to giving up and the certainty that all these disappointments are worth it for the joy and hope (Ablaze), which you get when you can live out your passion (One Dedication).

01 One dedication
02 Goodbye, hello
03 right now
04 Sweet addiction
05 ablation
06 pretty fake
07 The realist
08 Beauty is only skin deep
09 Little boy
10 Homage
11 Watch your burn
12 To the sea