Suntrigger - Instant Live (Lockdown Session 2020) (CD) (6647598153881)

Suntrigger - Instant Live (Lockdown Session 2020) (CD)


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`Play it loud and hear us live whenever you want! Due to the corona pandemic and missing concerts, we decided to record a selection of our favorite songs from our albums `Interstellar ́ and `Liquid Time ́ - live, raw and without overdubs. Close your eyes, imagine you are standing in front of our stage, and let us take you on a spacey trip! ́

01 sun trigger
02 Liquid Time
03 Seven Deadly Sins
04 Crossing the Horizon
05 Unbreakable
06 Lost
07 radio waves
08 The Next World
09 Suntrigger (Demo Version 2014)
10 Mojave (demo version 2014)
11 Seven Deadly Sins (Demo Version 2014)