Suntrigger - Liquid Time (CD) (5968259154073)

Suntrigger - Liquid Time (CD)


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"Liquid Time" is the sequel to the debut album "Interstellar" and provides the soundtrack for a mental cinema trip into profound philosophical worlds of thought.
While Suntrigger was already musically inspired by the vastness of space on their first album "Interstellar", "Liquid Time" deals even more comprehensively with infinity, the relativity of time and space, the question of an extraterrestrial human future and imagination a timeless and all-pervasive spiritual entity that ultimately manifests itself in the symbol of the monolith.
The 6 songs on the album illuminate various aspects of a world of thoughts and feelings that is shaped by the unimaginable size and diversity of the universe, but also repeatedly makes references to the reality that surrounds us, as well as to scientific and philosophical questions that we as humans see deal with infinity.

01 Beyond Interstellar
02 Crossing the Horizon
03 Voyager Golden Record
04 Liquid Time
05 radio waves
06 monolith