Susann Schönfeld - Wege zu Dir (CD) (5948064891033)

Susann Schönfeld - Paths to You (CD)


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Susann Schönfeld is an experienced and passionate singer who, with her extraordinary and changeable voice, can be seen and heard in several music formations with a high recognition value. Sometimes emotionally tender, then beautifully soulful or sometimes really rocky, with her likeable manner she provides goosebumps as well as a mood for dancing and partying.
She works with various outstanding musicians and bands and performs with the formations appropriate to the occasion at various events in duos, trios, quartets, quintets and with dance and party bands. For example, you can book them for weddings, birthdays, company events, galas, proms, parties, church fairs and much more. The music programs of their live formations are each individual and flexible. Last but not least, her extensive repertoire allows her enormous flexibility in the various music projects and includes songs from jazz, swing, hits, oldies, evergreens to rock, pop and current hits.
In addition, she has also been involved in a number of different song productions, so she has also gained some experience as a studio singer.

01 Can you see it
02 When love falls
03 autumn day
04 You are beautiful
05 tell me
06 When you hold me
07 angels
08 The way is the goal
09 You and your loneliness
10 Sometimes
11 I fly to you