Susanne Hill - Bliss (CD) (5871726952601)

Susanne Hill - Bliss (CD)


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Catchy melodies, sometimes meditative, gentle, flowing - then again full of dynamics and joie de vivre. Everything is pure, unadulterated and purely instrumental - this is how Susanne Hill's debut album "bliss" presents itself.
Their music invites you to pause and enjoy. With the piano as a basis, melodies and instruments complement each other with ease. Sensitively sometimes the violin, sometimes the accordion or the viola. chamber music is created. Then again, individual, delicate tones of the piano are enough to create an expressive mood.
Simple and complex at the same time - as diverse as life itself, she writes her own soundtrack, creating a very personal, unmistakable style. Pure bliss!

01 bliss
02 courage
03 sadness?
04 silence
05 endless
06 along the border
07 daydreaming
08 in between
09 waltz for life
10 hope
11 friends for you
12 heaven is here