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Suzy Va - Constantly Changing (CD)


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“The only constant in life is change. By consciously engaging with it, I can grow as a person.” “Constantly Changing” is the title of Suzy Va's forthcoming album. Her unique sound is difficult to pigeonhole. She combines the acoustic singer-songwriter style from her debut album "suzy bartelt" with a wide variety of tones and rhythms that she discovers and takes with her on her way. Compared to the first album, the second one has rockier sounds. Suzy Va's love for complex arrangements and vocal polyphony is clearly noticeable.
"First I sang and then I spoke." Suzy Va's musical roots go back to making music with her grandfather in the living room: they sang German folk songs together to the accordion. Today she interweaves this early musical influence with multicolored sounds from Arabic music, rock, pop and jazz. At the same time you can hear influences from musical role models and strong women like Tori Amos, Paula Cole and Ani DiFranco in their songs. She loves it when music challenges and surprises: the exciting, the unpredictable. “Contradictions are part of it. It's not just black or white.”
Powerful, multi-faceted songs are created that make you want to listen and immerse yourself. In 2018 she took first place in the “German Rock & Pop Award” in the “Jazz Rock Song” category with “The Day”. A song that deals with the escape from home and the arrival in a new life. She was inspired by impressive personal encounters with refugees and the story of her own grandparents' flight.
In the fall of 2018, a crowdfunding community was formed, which successfully supports the upcoming Suzy Va album financially, making the release in 2019 possible in the first place. "Constantly Changing" - stories of change and hope - the new name says it all: Suzy goes, Suzy grows... Suzy Va.

01 Colorful Identities
02 Constantly Changing
03 Gray Swan
04 A Tree for Inanna
05 Darkness cannot be seen
06 White Birds
07 Blue Winter Rose
08 The Day
09 happy heart