Svenson - Lotterlurch (CD) (5871796387993)

Svenson - Lotterlurch (CD)


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Svenson are back: On Lotterlurch, the band from Osnabrück celebrates their accordion-supported Rock'n'Roll like never before. This is party-ready sound with glamour, passion and humor. "The music you want to hear before you know it's there." (from the song "Sheila") Rough rock guitars and endless melodies.
The songs are lovingly worked out and arranged, and they tell stories from life in dissolute: about a happily drunken group that is broken up by the police ("Marijuana and Beer"), about the burden of exaggerated good looks ("You look good") ), or jazzy and laconic about the missteps of life ("Scheiße am Schuh"). Lotterlurch is party and speed. The sound is raw and direct, the music is driven by Lukas Schnadt's rolling drums. But Svenson can also be different. "White Noise" is sung by Julia Kruse and Herr Svenson in a duet: a song about longing that gets under your skin.
Anyone who has ever missed someone knows this feeling. That's the melancholy moment that rounds off a good rock album. "Sheila" comes with real Irish flair: Matthias Wilhelm's accordion works particularly well there. A song that makes glasses and dance floors fill up by themselves. In addition, Mr. Svenson shakes first-class banjo runs out of his sleeve: weekend intoxication like the Pogues.
The album is divided into two parts: Julia Kruse is the focus of the first half of the album. She gets everything out of her dark voice. Whether she lasciviously lets out her hot dog appetite ("Hot Dog"), greets the whole world in a good mood ("I greet everyone") or cheers on the "Punk Rock DJ Sex Machine": You want to listen to this voice all day long. The second half belongs to Mr. Svenson personally. Bandleader Kylie Minogue uses his dirty organ to do the honors ("Can't Get You Out of My Head") and hilariously explains to humanity what Tupper can do ("Tupper Party").
In a nutshell: "Lotterlurch" not only makes you happy from start to finish, but also makes you want to experience Svenson live, and that as soon as possible.

01 hot dogs
02 Marijuana and beer
03 I greet everyone
04 Sheila
05 White noise
06 You look good
07 Punk Rock DJ Sex Machine
08 Lotterlurch
09 Can't Get You Out Of My Head
10 Let's go have a drink
11 Tupper party
12 Shit On Your Shoe (Bonus Track "Mr. Svenson Sings Love Songs")