Syrinx Call - Mirrorneuron (CD) (6023490928793)
Syrinx Call - Mirrorneuron (CD) (6023490928793)

Syrinx Call - Mirrorneuron (Preorder) (CD)

FEM 2021-001

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A concept album with the main instrument, the flute? Here comes “Mirrorneuron”. An album that is even more dominated by progressive rock than its predecessor “The Moon on a Stick”. Since the rather folky-symphonic debut album “Wind in the Woods”, the project “Syrinx Call” around the recorder player Volker Kuinke has matured considerably into an independent style, but has also gained in complexity. “Mirrorneuron” is the first part of a work of astonishing conciseness and virtuosity, sweeping dynamics as well as full of touching melodies.

01 bit by bit (overture)
02 Deceptive Illusion
03 The Arctic Will Die
04 breakdown
05 Perfect Shine
06 Merging Influences
07 Big Data
08 Weird Resonances
09 One Step Beyond
10 mirror neurons
11 I'm gonna buy some flowers
12 sweetness
13 Fill The Silence
14 Silent Echoes